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INTELLITRUX™ is a cutting-edge analytical platform designed to revolutionize the trucking industry. Built with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the market, our software empowers trucking companies to stop guessing and start succeeding. By providing comprehensive insights into costs, profitability, and market dynamics, INTELLITRUX™ enables businesses to make informed decisions and maximize their financial success. Say goodbye to financial losses and embrace a data-driven approach that drives profitability and growth. With INTELLITRUX™, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the freight market and unlock your true business potential.

Analytical Reports

harness the power of data to make informed decisions

Cost Per Mile Analysis

Calculate your cost per mile accurately and uncover valuable insights for optimizing operations and maximizing earnings.

Expense vs revenue

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each expense and how it impacts your profits. Make the necessary adjustments to achieve profitability.

Fuel Xpert

Maximize profits through fuel optimization. Our analysis reveals the correlation between improved MPG and increased profits.

Real-Time Data

Monitor your progress and profits in real-time as you utilize the platform to manage your loads, maintenance, fuel, drivers, and equipment.

Unlock a world of reports with INTELLITRUX™. Explore our ever-growing selection and discover even more valuable insights for your business.

With the Lane Builder tool, you can effortlessly simulate hypothetical lanes without spending a penny on fuel, enabling you to assess their profitability. Tailor lanes to align with your operation and create routes that maximize your profits. Save time and resources by exploring potential lanes virtually, ensuring informed decision-making for your business.

Our Prize Possession Is Our Lane Builder Tool

The Best Driver Settlement Reports, Period.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that you receive the best driver settlements available. With our comprehensive reports and user-friendly interface, we streamline the settlement process, providing clarity, transparency, and accuracy for drivers and carriers alike. Say goodbye to complicated calculations and hello to the peace of mind that comes with the best driver settlements in the industry.

Grant Driver Access


Seamless collaboration between drivers and dispatchers through real-time access to load data. Drivers can instantly access vital information, allowing for effective communication and decision-making. With configurable permissions, you have the flexibility to grant drivers access to rates and driver pay or limit their visibility, based on your preferences.

Load Documents

Hassle-free document management for drivers. Grant them access to upload their documents directly to the load, while maintaining the flexibility to hide or reveal specific documents as needed. From rate confirmations to delivery receipts, drivers can easily view and manage their essential paperwork.


Experience the power of real-time settlement tracking with our platform. Drivers gain immediate access to their settlements, allowing them to stay informed and in control of their earnings. Our live report keeps you updated on current and past settlements, reflecting deliveries and fuel adjustments as they happen.

Keep It Simple...

Efficient Load Management Simplified

Our user-friendly Transportation Management System (TMS) streamlines your operations without unnecessary complexity. Easily build and dispatch loads, manage documents, and collaborate seamlessly with drivers. Collect valuable load data in real-time to fuel our powerful analytics engine. With our TMS, there's no need for additional software - it provides all the essential functions you need to efficiently manage your loads. Simplify your logistics workflow and unlock the potential of your data-driven insights.

Our Mission

In the logistics/transportation industry today, the focus primarily revolves around brokers and shippers. Carriers, unfortunately, often find themselves overlooked and taken advantage of. We strongly believe that it is fundamentally flawed when carriers, who bear all the costs, undertake the bulk of the work, and assume the highest liability, are consistently paid last and receive the least compensation. Our mission is clear: to create a platform that facilitates an environment where carriers can collaborate and work together, fostering relationships with brokers that prioritize carrier interests rather than solely serving the brokers’ needs. By championing fair and collaborative partnerships, we are revolutionizing the industry and empowering carriers to reshape the dynamics for the foreseeable future.